Plein Air Portable Watercolor Paint Set

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Stop putting off going to go paint plein air (outdoors).

With this incredible, compact watercolor paint set you can even slip all your paints into your pocket and go painting. These sets are especially handy when you are going away on holiday and you would like to do some painting while traveling.

The paint pans conveniently layer to form a compact set of paint pans that swivel out as you need them. Each layer has a handy color chart so you instantly know where the color is that you need.

The set also comes with a free large self moistening water brush that conveniently clips in the set.

There is also a foam pad for clean / dabbing your brush as you paint as well as a swing out palette at the bottom for mixing your colors.

The set is large enough to hold a half pan worth of each paint, yet compact enough to fit in your pocket, handbag or backpack.

The pigments are artist quality with excellent lightfastness and transparency for vivid, crisp and clean colors.

Different set sizes are available with different amounts of colours in them. You can choose from 18 / 25 / 33 and 42 standard color sets.

The colours in the standard sets are prefect for paintings landscapes and seascapes.

Then there are also specialist color sets in purple, blue, green and pink which work beautifully when painting floral scenes.

If you are new to plein air painting and want to get all you need in one purchase then you can also choose from our combo packs.

The Combo packs contain one of the standard watercolor paint sets.(you choose how many colors) plus:

  1. Free large self moistening water brush
  2. 4 watercolor paint brushes in various sizes
  3. Needle / Fineliner pen for adding detail and creating pen and ink sketches
  4. Highlighter pen for adding highlights
  5. Collapsible plastic bucket with a handle for your water
  6. Watercolor sketch book

Shipping takes between two to four weeks.

Add this amazing set to your cart today and take your art on the road!

Product Reviews

29 reviews for Plein Air Portable Watercolor Paint Set

  1. S***A

    Happy with it! Very nice and portable, and everything was perfect. Thank you! Can’t wait to try it out.

  2. D***a

    Pigmentation is good, small. At the bottom there is a palette for mixing. Water brush is good quality, synthetic soft and thin. There is a sponge for absorbing excess water. This set is ideal for plain air painting.

  3. M***s

    My God. I did not take photo quite yet but it is wonderful, it arrived in a month as I live in a rural area so was one of the fastest orders delivered. Serious very worth buying.

  4. j***j

    The product fully corresponds to the description! I recommend!

  5. T***a

    The paints are beautiful, conveniently packaged. There is also a brush in the set. There is a sponge for drying the brush and palette. I recommend! My daughter has been painting for 6 years and she really likes it!

  6. k***k

    The parcel came pretty quickly. Everything in the product corresponds to the description. In general, the contents are great, except for the brushes. Two brushes do not really hold a sharp tip. Otherwise, i like everything. Thank you very much. :))

    • BAS Support

      We are sorry to hear that you received two defective brushes. We will contact you via email to arrange for replacements to be sent.

  7. Shopper

    Very compact-comfortable, quite miniature thing. The paints themselves are quality, bright, the thickness of one paint plate is 2 millimeters (the colors are not repeated)

  8. E***a

    This gives you so many colours when painting outdoors, much more than you normally would have at your disposal. I was surprised that there is even a white pigment in the set. Some colors do not match the color of the sticker on the case but the sticker does give you a good idea of which layer you need. There is a brush (brush with a tank), a sponge for wiping the brush and a palette with 2 cells for mixing. I can’t wait to go painting outdoors again now that I have this set.

  9. E***a

    Colors differ from those on the sticker. But the paint itself is not bad for its price

  10. E***a

    It took a very long time to arrive, but it is here now. The paints are beautiful, I also really like the paper, it is gorgeous.

  11. T***r

    Beautiful colors in a great little package. Thank you.

  12. A***n

    i am beginner, satisfied with the product. beautiful colour

  13. H***a

    Great paint! For hiking sketching 42 colors is a lot. But i really like it. Thank you!

  14. I***v

    The colors are very delicate shades pleasant to the eye and mix well with each other.

  15. Shopper

    just like in the picture

  16. S***r

    Watercolor is very good quality and the gifts are very nice thanks. I highly recommend this set.

  17. g***r

    Overall, great. Colors are bright and smooth, although some are a little grainy. My only actual complaint is that the brush expels too much water when squeezed. Other than that, I loved the product. It’s small and compact so it really is great for travel. I’m only a beginner and I’m glad I bought these. Really nice and easy to use 🙂

  18. Shopper

    Nice shades of colour pigment. Overall a good product for beginners and people who would like to experience watercolor for fun!

  19. U***a

    Great! Bright colors, very transparent colors, which can be seen on the paint.
    The set is actually even smaller than i thought. Should be very convenient for trips.
    It came super-fast, in two and a half weeks.

  20. v***g

    The colors are excellent, bright and pleasant colors, it came very quickly – 2 weeks.
    Everything is very convenient, the brush works, the water in it lasts for a long time, the sponge washes the color well and itself is easy to clean (fastened to a good velcro).
    One minus of this design, is that you need to wait for the complete drying of paint on the dies after work, and then fold everything, otherwise everything will spread on you and fall into neighboring colors.

  21. A***t

    Excellent colors for its price! Transparency is exactly what you need. Shades slightly do not match the shades on the labels, but it’s not a problem. Arrived quickly.

  22. E***a

    All arrived perfectly. Granddaughter liked the colors.

  23. O***a

    I liked very much and came quickly

  24. M***a

    Ordered on march 31-received on april 23. The shipment was tracked by the tracker. Packed in an envelope lined with bubble wrap – everything came in perfect condition. Very cute and compact set of paints with a brush! Fast shipping. Everything’s fine. Thank you!

  25. Shopper

    I’m super happy with this purchase! The colors are nice and the brush works well. It’s small and compact and perfect to take on the go!

  26. B***s

    Great quality. THE paint has a good variety of colors, good drying .. the paper is good too.

  27. Shopper

    Products arrived in perfect condition. Well packaged and early.
    Nice vivid pigments.

  28. Shopper

    The colors are beautiful and the quality of the product is right up there! The brush is good as well.

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