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This package include one Creative Color Mixing Board on one side with one LARGE Color Wheel on the other (9.25 inch / 23.5cm).
Easy-to-use tool that visually illustrates relationships between colors and demonstrates the results.
Features a grayscale, tints and tones, definitions of color terms, and illustrations of color.
This Color Wheel shows which colors are complimentary, and how they go (or don’t go) together.
This is a two sided wheel with indicators for complementary, split complementary and triad color schemes, how to tint and shade, primary, secondary and tertiary references, and more.


Size:approx. 23.5×23.5×0.1 cm/9.25×9.25×0.04 inch

Package Includes:
1 Piece Color Mixing Wheel

Delivery in 2 to 4 weeks.

The color wheel explains color-related terms and demonstrates how the colors are created and affected by each other.

Helps you choose the perfect mixture of pigments for your procedures

Select a color outside the wheel

Align it with a color on the inside wheel

The mixture appears in the window

Practical and makes it clear for you to choose the correct colors to mix together.

Portable and lightweight

Diameter: 9.25in / 23.5cm

Shape: round


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