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Your art looks fabulous, now your brushes can too. This deluxe brush washing bucket is like the Louvre of art supplies.

Made of high quality stainless steel, this bucket will not rust or corrode and will not chemically react with your paints so will last you a lifetime.

It is a nice large size (roughly 14cm / 5.5 inches diameter and the same height) so you can use it for multiple paintings before needing to change the water / mineral spirit / turpentine.

It also has a special strainer insert which has holes in it. The holes create a rough surface for you to wipe your brushes against so they clean quicker.

The holes also allows the paint to settle below the strainer (between the strainer base and the bottom of the bucket), keeping your water / mineral spirit / turpentine cleaner for longer. As this acts like a filtration system you don’t need to replace your water / mineral spirit / turpentine when you start painting again the next day – just gently sweep the strainer with a brush so the paint that has settled on it overnight slips through the holes to settle at the bottom of the bucket. Doing this allows you to often paint for weeks using the same water / mineral spirit / turpentine.

Above the bucket is a spiral brush holder to hold your paint laden brushes as you paint and to hang your brushes upside down after you have treated their bristles.

There is a stylish brass handle which you can use to carry the bucket around or to attach the bucket to your French Easel.

It also has a loose fitting lid which you can place over the bucket when not in use to prevent evaporation. The lid is also nice and large so could be used as a palette or tray to store small loose items while painting.


The lid is loose so this brush washer is not suitable for transport with liquid inside it. If you are looking for a sealable brush water / turps bucket, you we have a Plein Air Brush Washer whose lid seals and is specially designed for plein air painting.

Shipping takes between two to four weeks.

Add some bling and a lot of convenience to your studio by adding this top quality brush washer to your cart today!


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    fast delivery, quality product.

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    The goods were delivered very quickly and without damage. The parcel was very securely packed. Inside is a complete set. High quality product. Stainless steel construction is perfectly assembled. Looks solid and beautiful.

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    Excellent, graciasss. Came super fast good product quality.

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Deluxe Brush Washer

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